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  • Thomas Thurston

Thomas Thurston Joins Horasis Panel Discussion: Venture Capital Post-Covid

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Venture Capital Post-Covid

The Covid pandemic has disrupted traditional strategic decision making about capital acquisition and thus the VC players are also cautious.

What will free-up financial decision making?

How is Covid changing the VC landscape?

Has business sentiment shifted permanently?

  • Jouko Ahvenainen, Founder and Executive Chairman, Grow VC Group, USA

  • Raphael Fraga, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ita Capital, Brazil

  • Chris Garabedian, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Xontogeny, USA

  • Sari Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Sarjay, Inc., USA

  • Thomas Thurston, Partner and Chief Technology Officer, WR Hambrecht Ventures, USA

  • Chaired by Stephen Forte, Managing Partner, Fresco Capital, USA


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