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  • Thomas Thurston

10 completely useless innovation tips

Updated: Apr 3

We’ve all been there.  Listening to a speaker, reading an article, sitting at the feet of an innovation

1. Put together the right team

Without this chestnut I would have run out and deliberately picked the first “wrong” team I could find.  Whew… I really dodged a bullet there…

2. Have persistence

… and all this time I thought quitting was the key. I stand corrected.

3. Cultivate an entrepreneurial culture

Can’t argue my way out of this steel trap.  So… when trying to be entrepreneurial… be entrepreneurial.  Makes sense when I look at it that way.

4. Create a compelling value proposition

I guess that kills my idea for a foot cream that actually gives you athlete’s foot. Dang!

5. Have the right timing

How counterintuitive.

6. Understand the customer

Can’t we just pretend they’re cuddly Mogwai that turn into Gremlins if we feed them after midnight?

7. Target a rapidly growing market or one where you can deliver growth

Isn’t it easier to grow a company when there isn’t any growth in the market or the business itself?  That’s probably really deep if you think about it…

8. Confront reality 

Sounds good “on paper,” but in the real world I much prefer to ignore the real world.

9. Have great focus

I’m sorry, what were we talking about?  I was trying to figure out why the yellow angry birds are so good at breaking wood but so useless with glass.  Is wood harder than glass?  Depends on how thick it is… basketball backboards are made of really thick glass.  I wonder if it’s possible to make a coffee table out of one?

10. Take calculated risks

Thanks for being so specific.  


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